Thursday, June 01, 2006

Batch 6 chicks

T: Brassy male & Blue Brassy male X Brassy, Blue Brassy, BBB Splash females= 5 Brassy Back, 4 Blue Brassy Back, 3 Blue Brassy Splash
01: BBRed X BBRed= 3 BBRed
02: BBRed X BBRed= 5 BBRed
B: BBRed male X Brown Red females= 1 Brown Red
T7: Brown Red male X BBRed females= 1 BBRed, 1 Brown Red
N4: Black X Black= 1 Black
N5: Black X Black= 1 Brassy Back, 10 Black (wow!)

I have one batch due out tomorrow, one more HUGE batch (what was I thinking?!) due June 19, and I may set one more batch of Silvers depending what hatches tomorrow. TOO MANY DANG CHICKS!!! :-)

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