Friday, June 09, 2006

Horsey Overload

I spent the day today at Horse Expo with J.C. Horse Expo takes place all weekend at Cal Expo in Sacramento. I think I'm overloaded with horse things for the weekend! It was fun, but my feet are sore! I didn't even spend much money (primarily because I'd forgotten to measure Shylah's blanket size so I couldn't get her a fly sheet, and they were more expensive than ordering from a catalog anyway!). I did take 187 photographs (good thing I've converted to digital!). 46 went straight to the trash can because they were blurry or not within the frame. I take photos to use as references for artwork, I don't generally take photos to stand on their own (unless I'm hired to do so!), but every now and then one turns out pretty good. Most are mediocre but a few stand out. This is the best one:

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