Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2 days

I had this nifty idea of something I can post on here: the development of a chick in the egg! So I will post a photo every day (or almost every day) to show the embryonic development. Note: no chickens will be harmed in the making of this series! I am going to take pictures while "candling" the eggs, which means shining a light through them so that the insides are visible.

So I set eggs Sunday afternoon, and here is a picture on day 2 of development:

If you are thinking it looks like absolutely nothing, you are right. This is indistinguishable (without cracking it open) from a non-incubated egg, because the embryo is not developed enough right now to be visible by candling.

The catch is, I don't know whether this egg is fertile or not. Probably, given which breeding pen it came from (it's a Cuckoo), but I won't know for sure til later in the week. If it's infertile I will switch to a different egg! They all look the same right now. :-)