Friday, April 28, 2006

12 days and other things

Big change overnight! Note that there is a bit more ambient light in this pic than in others, so the shell is picking up some reflection. I'll try to get a better one tomorrow...

The third batch of chicks hatched this Wednesday and Thursday. Caught me off guard, I'd forgotten I set them early since that was the weekend I went to Ventura, and it's hard to believe that was three weeks ago... Time does fly. It was a small batch, but a high hatch rate. I am going to try lowering the incubator humidity even more though because that may be part of the issue. It's always something. I think I may wrap up hatching pretty soon though (although the eggs will be hatching for three weeks after I stop putting them in the incubator!), and it's looking highly likely that I will be selling eggs.

Anyway, here are the numbers from batch 2, which will not interest you if you aren't a fellow chicken person! :-)

T: Brassy male & Blue Brassy male X Brassy, Blue Brassy, BBB Splash females = 4 Brassy, 5 Blue Brassy
B: BBRed male X Brown Red females = 6 BBRed, 2 Brown Red
T1: BBRed male X F1 Crele female = 1 BBRed
T2: F1 Crele male X BBRed females = 2 BBRed, 1 Crele (by this I mean it has a white spot on the head)
T4: Black male X F1 Cuckoo females = 1 Cuckoo, 2 Black
T5: Black male X F1 Cuckoo females = 1 Cuckoo, 4 Black
T7: Brown Red male X BBRed females = 3 BBRed, 3 Brown Red
N1: BBRed X BBRed = 3 BBRed
N4: Black X Black = 1 Brassy Back
N5: Black X Black = 4 Black

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