Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Olin and I were doing some chick-watching this evening. This is the first year I've used see-through brooders, so he's enthralled. He's a perfect gentleman about sitting down and watching them, but I wouldn't trust him alone with them for even half a second! Yes, he is licking his lips in that first pic!


Dan said...

Looks like someone is more interested in a snack! only 3 more days before my first hatch, but they are all Allisons birds. I just pulled all the clear eggs and only pulled two of mine (Welsummers) so I am doing well with fertility, even in the Sebrights!

Katherine Plumer said...

Oh yes, if given the opportunity I'm sure he would gladly snack on them! I keep the door closed except when I'm in there!