Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nine Hundred and Eighty

I am soooo tired. I left here Friday morning. 980 miles later, I am back. I went to Ventura for a poultry show (~6 hours), visited relatives who live near there, drove to Riverside (~2 hours) Sunday morning and stayed with relatives there, and then came back home (~7 hours) today. I had a GREAT trip, it was so nice to see everyone. Plus I got to do the sunshine/beach thing, which was a pleasant break from the eternal rain and gloom we seem to be having here. Diva won Best RCCL but she just wouldn't "show" so she didn't go any farther than that. The only thing Diva lacks is attitude. I can't fault a single part of her conformation, but she just doesn't have that winning attitude and she doesn't bother to try to show off. Oh well. So show season is officially over now. Chicks are due the 15th. Show season starts again in the fall, with the possible (?) exception of one or two during the summer. I am way too tired to give you all the mindless details of the trip so I'll give you a "virtual roadtrip" instead. Now don't holler at me about taking pics on the road. I swear to you I was not distracted, I didn't even look at the camera, just held it up and pressed the button and hoped for the best. Needless to say in addition to these I ended up with a lot of crooked pics, pics of the car door, steering wheel, dashboard, etc.

Where I ate lunch on Friday, a vista point along 5 in central CA. Vista points are my favorite lunch spot if I have packed a lunch with me. Note the incredible flatness of the Central Valley.

I have always been somewhat fascinated by these oil well thingies. When I was a kid I thought they looked like dinosaurs. This is on 5 right before I left the central valley and went into the mountains:

The view out the window of my hotel room, I guess technically you could call that "ocean view." If you look past 101 and the train tracks (um yeah, kinda loud! Not much sleep!) you can see the ocean...

The ocean:

Sunset in Ventura:

Same time as above, watching the sunset from the Ventura Pier.

The beach right behind the fairgrounds. Lots of surfers were out that day!

Same as above.

Live-size metal mastodon sculpture on a mountainside along 60 near Riverside (bugs on windshield too!)

Heading into some rain.. on 210 just before getting onto 5 north (on the return trip, of course).

Really interesting clouds today along 5 in central CA.

Moo! Cows in a feedlot.

And so with that I will bid you all adieu and go to bed because I am just ridiculously tired.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am so glad you had a good trip, can't wait to hear about the details later :-) Cool pics, and YES, the rain is here (and here, and won't go away for another day....). UUGGG

Anonymous said...

hey i take photos too while driving! it's very bad but yeah no looking at the camera allowed :)

Sounds like a great trip! I used to think the oil wells looked like dinosaurs too! and oh man you drove by cowschwitz...moo

Katherine Plumer said...

I know, it's really horrible, I didn't think I could pull off pics and driving (as I am utterly incapable of phone and driving). But it's no worse than picking up a soda out of the cupholder if I don't actually look at the camera! It just doesn't result in nice pics like I can get if I pull over. There were lots of places I wanted to take pics of in Feb when I drove up to Eureka but they were on winding roads and skinny bridges, and no way could I have done that!

Yeah, it was a great trip! I'm glad I went, I couldn't resist one more show. Ooh, those cows, you would not believe how many there are! It's amazing, an endless sea of cows. None of the other cow pics turned out at all (blurry, car door, etc).

If you hear anything about the HPFA summer show let me know!!

Dan said...

Congrats again on another win with Diva!

I am off for my own little trip to the sun in the morning.. Will have photos to share I am sure ;-)

Talk to you when I get back