Friday, April 21, 2006


This is mostly for my own records that I'm writing this (will I do it every week? Hard to say...) but I can think of at least three readers who will find it interesting. I cleaned brooders this morning and moved the first batch of chicks out to the storage room, and counted them all while I was at it. So, these are the breeding pens and what they produced this time around (the first letter/number combo refers to coop #):

T (Brassy Male & Blue Brassy Male X Brassy, Blue Brassy, BBB Splash females): 1 Splash, 3 Blue Brassy, 1 ??? (resembles T6 Silver chick, mismarked??? I'll know when it's older)

O2 (BBRed X BBRed): 5 BBRed

B (BBRed male X Brown Red females): 8 BBRed, 5 Brown Red

T1 (BBRed male X F1 Crele female): 5 BBRed, 2 Crele (is this sex-linked?)

T2 (F1 Crele male X BBRed females): 6 BBRed, 2 Crele (sex-linked?)

T3 (F1 Cuckoo male X Black female): 1 Cuckoo, 2 Brassy Back (?), 1 ??? (chick color is like Brassy Back with white spot on head, feathers are Cuckoo) (sex-linked?)

T4 (Black male X F1 Cuckoo females): 9 Cuckoo, 3 Black (sex-linked?)

T5 (Black male X F1 Cuckoo females): 6 Cuckoo, 9 Black (sex-linked?)

T6 (Silver Duckwing OE male X Black female): 1 ??? (chick color like BBRed but lighter, feather color appears stippled gray, so perhaps is Silver Duckwing, I would have expected Birchen-ish)

T7 (Brown Red male X BBRed females): 3 BBRed, 4 Brown Red

N2 (Black X Black): 1 Black

N3 (Black X Black): 3 Black

N4 (Black X Black): 1 Black, 3 Brassy Back (what??)

N5 (Black X Black): 1 Black

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