Friday, December 03, 2010

short notice

There's a little craft Fair at Silva's Sheldon Inn tomorrow (Saturday 12/4) from 10am til 2pm. Looks like I'll be there for at least most of that time frame. I don't know if I'll just be there hanging about in case people want to ogle my art, or if I'll have some little stuff for sale as well. I'm going to throw some cards and prints and whatnots in the car and see what happens when I get there. I just got a call about it late tonight and didn't think to ask if I should actually bring things to sell.

WIP pics tomorrow, I promise! I was going to post them tonight but I don't have time to deal with editing and uploading pics. You're going to laugh at the horse drawing, it's in a bad stopping point and ugly as all get out right now (even worse than yesterday!). ;-) It'll look so much better as soon as I get the next layer of color on it. I don't worry about the ugly stages!

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