Monday, December 13, 2010

Scrimshaw Rose/Heart Pendant

I finished this a while ago, but since it was a gift I figured the recipient should see it first.

This was commissioned by a man who found me on the internet and said he'd been searching a long time for someone who could do this. Years ago, his wife had a heart-shaped ivory pendant with a rose scrimmed on it. It was stolen 25 years ago, and he wanted to replicate the original as closely as possible.

I referred him to Boone Trading Co, and they created the appropriate size pendant, domed and polished on both sides. He told me what the original rose looked like and how it was positioned, so I sketched that out and once he approved it I scrimmed it on the ivory! Turned out really pretty, and it's so much more delicate and sweet in hand. You may not realize just how tiny these are, that's why I put the penny in the picture! She must be a pretty happy lady to have such a thoughtful husband. :-)

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Granny Annie said...

If you hear her reaction to the pendant I hope you will share that with us. Yep, that husband sounds like a keeper.