Friday, December 10, 2010

December 9 work in progress

I will show you the Sheltie scrim tomorrow, it's in a weird looking stopping point tonight. Yes, scrimshaw has ugly stages too. ;-) I was able to fix what I did to it, but I had to sand off about half the work I'd done. Arg. People sometimes ask me what happens if I make a mistake. I tell them mistakes are not allowed. Because if they happen, you either have to sand it down or start over, and this was a stupid error that was my fault. I used the wrong pen to draw some guide lines, and it stained. Lesson learned!

Anyway, the horses are coming along just fine and I'm enjoying this one! The paint horse is more or less finished (there will be some tweaking of shadows and final touches on the white marks) and I've just started on the buckskin. I think the buckskin will take less time to draw because there won't be as many layers of color... I think. We'll see, I could be wrong. It happens. ;-)


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! He's going to love it.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thank you Heather! :-) And did you seriously get married today?!?!?