Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Got Treats?"

Posted with permission, though the recipient won't see this til Christmas. The drawing is off to Colorado in the morning! :-) I am sooo happy with how this turned out!

"Got Treats?" (Joker and Kid Rock)
colored pencil and graphite on gray Stonehenge paper
10 by 10.5 inches
sold, custom commission

Here it is framed, though this isn't a particularly good photo as far as showing the accurate colors:

And for anyone who's interested, these are all the colors that went into it (plus graphite):

Of those, these were used on the chestnut pinto horse:

And these were used on the buckskin, there is hardly any difference! Almost the same color palette but in different proportions:


Bob Easton said...

Wow Katherine! Those horses are coming right out of the frame! Sure look like happy fellows. You done good!

Jan Blawat said...

You sharpened your pencils to take their picture?

Anonymous said...

That's some serious good work!
You can feel their breath!

I saw a preview of the APA Standard. Your work really added class to it.
On sale in March I guess?

And...I like your new(blog )title

Katherine Plumer said...

Bob- thank you!

Jan- ha ha no, they're always sharp (except when I drop them on the floor and break the leads... the downside to having put down a wood floor in there!)

Aaron- thank you! I'm kinda jealous that you have seen the Standard. A little bird told me that it will be available in late January, but quite frankly I won't believe it til I see it. Because it was going to be out 2007. Then 2008. Then 2009. Then early 2010. And then in May, for sure. And then by the Ohio show in November, absolutely had to be. And now early 2011? Right.

Heather Balchus said...

He is going to LOVE IT! I know I do. It should arrive today, I can't wait. Katherine you are A-Mazing! I will let you know what his reaction is when he gets it. I am also very excited to be able to show him all the pictures from start to finish. Thank you soooo much for posting them. said...

LOL (Jan, that was too funny! By the way, still love your profile pic! That's a great one!).

Heather, you picked an awesome artist!!!!

I agree with you Katherine, "beleive it when you see it". I can't wait to see the new APA Standard when it comes out (eventually, haha).