Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Oh my, it's another giveaway!

Wow, okay, this is fun! So here's a short and sweet giveaway. These are note cards, they are blank inside, and they feature my artwork on the front. They are 4.25 x 5.5 inches. Envelopes are included. They are professionally printed. And I have tons of them. They make great little gifts, or you can use them as thank you cards for the gifts you receive!

If you click on this pic you can see it bigger.

I am giving away SEVEN sets of FIVE cards. So I will pick a winner for each set, that's SEVEN selections. The sets are as follows:
1) dogs
2) chickens
3) chickens
4) horses
5) chickens
6) chickens
7) horses

The rules:

1) I'll ship ANYWHERE. Worldwide. I know that makes one of you happy! :-)
2) If you've won before, you can win again!
3) You can win more than one of these, so pick as many as you want.
4) If you win, you have to be willing to give me your mailing address.
5) This is a SHORT contest. Normally I run them for a week or ten days. You have until 10pm Pacific time on SATURDAY DECEMBER 5th to enter. I will pick winners after 10pm December 5th. Winners have until 10pm MONDAY DECEMBER 7th to claim prizes. Got that? I will only be posting the winners HERE. I will not contact you if you win, so you need to check back. If prizes are unclaimed, I'll pick new winners.

How to enter:

Leave a comment! In that comment, answer the following question: "What is a holiday tradition in your family?" And let me know which ones you want. I'll go first, so you have an example. Be sure that you can be identified. Initials are fine. If you don't identify yourself in some way, I won't put your name in the hat, so to speak.

Good luck!


Katherine Plumer said...

A holiday tradition in my family that is sure to make you laugh is underwear. Except you have to say that very loud and kind of sing-songy. "Unnnderweeeeear!"

Every year at my grandparents' house, my grandmother would buy every family member socks and underwear. So any time someone got a telltale soft and squishy package, the delighted sound of everyone yelling "unnnderweeeeear!" filled the room. Trouble was, she never got anyone's sizes right, so pretty much all the ladies would get rather hefty flesh-toned polyester grannie panties. Lovely, eh? Eventually the tradition stopped, and instead she would donate an amount of money to a charity instead (a much better solution than underwear that didn't fit). But every year, while we are opening presents, someone will just shout out "unnnderweeeeear!" and we all laugh at the memory.

And I want to win cards 1, 4, and 7. (For example).

GBR Ranch said...

Haha thats pretty funny.

Our family's tradition is that each year we get names from the local seniors center of the residents and things they like. We get cards with a little gift inside that the kids have picked out from among their likes. The kids really enjoy picking something out and they go around calling the people "grandma" or "grandpa" and handing out the presents.

This tradition actually started when my brother and I were in elementary school 20+ years ago. We used to go to the seniors center in the small town we lived in (1100 people) and give general Happy Holiday cards to all the residents.

We are hoping the kids continue this as well when they get older. Its just awesome to see the look on people's faces when they think everyone has forgotten them.

Granny Annie said...

Our Christmas tradition involves decorating the tree. It is important to my family that a bird on a nest be placed on the tree before any other ornaments to insure good fortune throughout the year.

I would be thrilled with card lots # 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Another great contest Katherine. Thanks.

Kitty G said...

My favorite holiday tradition just began a few short years ago when I moved back to Virginia. I moved into the house next to my Dad. From the first year we got here it was

Me: "Oh wait my yard is really going to be decorated big time"

Him: "no it's not - you should see what I have"

me: but I only got one or 2 new items this year dad

Him: I am only getting what goes on sale after Christmas

Ok so we may never make the Tacky Light Tour but our 50+ inflatable yard decorations plus mechanical deer and lights really make the kids from our the Daycare love it. They come out and spend the day and have hot chocolate and cookies plus visit all the animals on our place.

We get the whole family involved right after Thanksgiving Dinner pulling everything out and staging the yards.

I would love any of you art but I think 1,3 and 4 are my main choices

Amber McDowell said...

Our family tradition was to go to my great aunt's house to see the whole family on Christmas eve for dessert. Santa would show up and give each kid a present. On Christmas day, the whole family would show up at my grandma's house and have a huge dinner.

I love cards 7.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

Everyone's traditions are so wonderful. Christmas is a very sad time for people coming from broken homes, and traditions are lost in the sadness. I cook a big meal with the turkeys we raised here and invite as many people who have no where to go, to come over and help us eat it up. I suppose my Christmas tradition would be to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year. Thanks for the contest, hope I win the dogs or chickens. Peace for all

Von said...

Our family tradition is to make the kids we know Gingerbread houses.It started years ago when my daughter was a teenager and babysat for young kids.Now she's an adult and I've just become a Godmother so we're making Gingerbread houses and will be thoroughly enjoying our time together creating some fun and fantasy.
If I'm lucky I'd enjoy any of the chicken sets, they're gorgeous!

Katherine Plumer said...

Brittney- which ones are you interested in?

I want you all to know we have much nicer traditions too... ;-)

Michele P said...

Our xmas tradition is to go out days after thanksgiving and pick out a tree. Mom and I would pick and dad would complain about how much the tree cost. Then when we got it home and started to decorate every year I would hear my tell a story about almost every single ordainment on the tree (and for those who remember my mom this could go on for a long time). But it was always the most magical tree each year dripping in lights and all of the ordainment's.

(any of the chicken one's hehe)

Anonymous said...

I simply can not resist the giveaways-the art is just too cool!

A holiday tradition in my family (no matter what the holiday) is for everyone to make fun of another family member. No one goes out of their way to do it, however, if the opportunity arises- it is taken! This alternates between being really funny and highly irritating, for me anyways!
A Christmas-only tradition is for someone to hold up their gift high in the air and loudly say "price check"! because my mom forgot to take the price off before wrapping the gift. As she gets older, this happens more frequently every year. This is actually pretty funny all the time. It always makes mom laugh- maybe she does it on purpose?

I like cards 2,3,6 the best! Ellie

Anonymous said...

Whoooyooo! Another contest :-)

BTW, I would like a chance at winning any of the card groups! This is so cool :-)
I loved reading the other's stories!

Ok, one of our traditions involves ornaments for the tree; each year, the children in the house receive a special ornament in their Christmas stocking. The ornament usually relates to something they did that year or something they like. They place it on the tree on Christmas morning. The idea is that when they move out into the world and begin a home for themselves, they will already have a collection of ornaments and memories to decorate their first tree :-).

Anonymous said...

My favorite tradition is to set up some dept 56 houses with some out of place characters for the kids to find,like a panda peeking into the pancake house. 2,3,5,6

Sam Alfano said...

Every Christmas Eve, we would all gather in the kitchen as Mom prepared the traditional Christmas turkey. There were six of us kids so the anticipation just seemed to grow as Mom reached deep inside the turkey to pull out the prized gizzard. We all wanted it. It was our annual gizzard greed fest so to speak.

I’m not sure how the guidelines of the competition came to be because I was the youngest of the six children, and by the time I came along, the rules had long been established.

Here’s how the tradition would go, every year, without fail.

Mom would reach into the turkey as we all watched with wide eyes. As soon as we saw the gizzard being freed from the cold hard turkey, we would immediately stand on one foot and raise the opposite hand in the air. It was a contest of of stamina and balance.
Sometimes just the sheer excitement would cause one of us to fall over immediately. Other times, we all stood there in our flamingo poses for what seemed like hours, until finally, one by one, a toe would touch down, or a tired weak hand would lower.
Of course, the last one to hold this pose would win the turkey gizzard for that year.

On Christmas Day, the winner would eat the gizzard slowly and deliberately, relishing in the win and the prize.

Okay. So I made this all up. I just really like the rooster cards and I thought maybe this would work.
I like all the rooster and horse cards. I'd be happy with any of them. Thanks! Abigail Alfano

Katherine Plumer said...

To the anonymous person who commented today at 6:53pm, please re-post and identify yourself. Initials are fine. You won't go into the selections if I can't pick your name!

GBR Ranch said...

Katherine - sorry was reminicing and spaced :). I like them all actually - I think you do wonderful work and like any of them. I just love animals - so any of them would be perfect :).

Dale said...

Here's a holiday tradition, but not about Christmas.

The big holiday in my family is Easter. It has been since at least the 1890s (not that I was around then). We have a lot of traditions around Easter, from a traditional dinner (ham, chicken, dressing, and--most important--banana pudding) to a huge Easter egg hunt, with up to a few hundred dozen eggs, to sweet prizes (a kiss from the oldest auntie, a kitten, a canary, a dollar).

Part of the tradition was that everyone brought food to the dinner. My mother always brought a fresh ham, a coconut layer cake, and a chocolate pie. My mother's cousin's wife always brought celery sticks with that pineapple cheese spread in them. We always laughed at that. Not only was it easy, but she would bring like 10 of them. Everyone else brought a mountain of food.

I still love Easter and my family still has a great Easter every year.

I'd love any of the cards.


Kayda said...

Hi Katherine,
I would like 1, 4 and 7.

Remember that commercial with two ice skaters...and he gave her a frame and she said, it's a frame, and he says, it's a picture of me! He she says, a frame! Anyway, we say that every year at Christmas. This year's Christmas might be a little different given we lost a family member, but I think we will stay do the "it's a frame", no "it's a picture of me!"

Anonymous said...

when i was first engaged my husband's family asked what my xmas traditions were. i said "chinese food and a movie." so now they (catholics) and i actually do this together every couple of years :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, about the only holiday traditon that I can think of for my family would be some sort of major argument going on. Gotta love family ;-)

I would love to win any of the cards!

Jen C.

Anonymous said...

Our holiday tradition began because I think Christmas gifts should be a surprise, and I had snoopy kids. So I quit putting names on packages. I develope a code each year, like the year, minus the year they are born, plus the day they were born on. Each person has their own special number which I post on Christmas morning. Now that most of the kids have left home there is also a gift certificate for dinner to the first person who can figure out how I came up with the code. It makes for a lot of fun even after the gifts have been open. You'd be surprised how many ways they come up with the same number, but not the way I did it!
I would love any of the chicken ones!
Rose Re

Anonymous said...

We celebrate Christmasn Eve at my husbands granparents house every year. We all go and have a great dinner and then open presents and have dessert. the family is getting so large that all the adults draw names and we get one gift apiece and then all the kids still get presents from each family.

Thanks any set will be wonderful.

Megan F.

Anonymous said...

A holiday tradition that is sure to make you laugh is the christmas worm. One year we made ornaments and the leftover piece was long and snakelike. So instead of just tossing it, dad took it and painted it and would not let anyone see what he was doing. He even went so far as to do this out in the garage so that no one would disturb it during drying. He came back with the Christmas worm after we had put all of the ornaments on the tree. Of course,he placed it front and center. We were all shocked, but he would preserve the worm year after year and it would make a return on the tree. Then one year it broke (it was old after all) and we suddenly realized how much we treasured the christmas worm. It was time to pull out the epoxy or other glues to fix the worm. Yes, it remains today, and it put on the tree without fail. Don't you have your very own Christmas worM?

Anonymous said...

That was BMc by the way, sorry about that. Love the Christmas worm and I would like the chicken cards of course!

Vilts said...

Well, our tradition is to gather all the members and eat well :). Sauerkraut, blood-sausages, potatoes and stuff like that from traditional Estonian menu.

And some of our men get really drunk, but I'm not so much into that business.

I'd like get get cards from lots #4, #6 and #7

Franny said...

Hi - How exciting!
My favorite tradition as a kid in WV was to go up to the "Garden". We lived on one hill that was heavily wooded. My dad owned some other property about a mile away that was also at the top of a large, steep hill, but it was open and airy and it's where we planted every year. He also had fruit trees, chestnut trees and Christmas trees. I was the baby, and after the tree was cut they would let me sit on it and ride it down the icy steep hill, as many years we couldn't get the truck up there. I used to love riding that 'ol tree.

My new Christmas tradition is going to be reading Katherine Plumer's blog and trying to win chicken cards....her love of Rosecombs is responsible for the 8 that I have now added to the cochins!

I LOVE this site and would love any chicken cards!

Anonymous said...

Our long standing tradition is hiding a glass pickle in the Christmas tree and have our children & grandkids search for it. The winner gets an extra special present.
(Any of the chicken cards)

Anonymous said...

I don't think my family has a tradition per say other than we usually attend the Arizona National Stock show over new years. We were either showing or buying or christmas afternoon the tree got taken down and we would leave for a week for the show. Other than that I am not sure what else we do.

My favorite is definately 6 but I like all of them and would like any! Thanks for the Night Horse from the past give-a-way!

Anthony C