Tuesday, December 15, 2009

checking in....

I didn't mean to disappear after the last post! Thank you everyone for the kind comments and emails about Jessie. I know a lot of you who read this knew her at some point in her life and I appreciate what you have said. I often catch myself expecting her to be out back waiting by the door.

Anyway, I haven't been hiding out, I've been super busy. I was determined to finish the knife on Friday so that I could leave town on Saturday. By 1:30am Saturday morning I decided I was not going to finish the knife on Friday. ;-) After about 11 hours of dots that day my focus was pretty shot. So I finished Saturday, and left Sunday. I always feel a little self-conscious tooting my own horn, but I did an awesome job. People portraits that look exactly like the people, and exactly the old-timey look I was going for. Woot! I think the final recipient needs to see it before the rest of the world does though, so I'll post it after Christmas.

I went up north on Sunday, in the mountains east of Redding, and spent a few days with friends (delivering the knife, conveniently!) The weather sucked and it rained much of the time, but it was fun to have our annual Christmas get-together.

I drove home today. Along the way I saw a field full of snow geese along side the interstate. Well guess what, I just happened to have The Beast camera with me! I exited, found the frontage road, backtracked northward to a farm road that cut between the fields, and took some AMAZING shots of thousands of geese. I'll post those another day. I love it when that kind of opportunity presents itself.

I have eight days to do a full-color scrimshaw piece, start to finish. And I have four days to finish the Christmas present I'm making my mom. And right now, I really need to catch up on sleep from the last few days! Good night!


Von said...

Can't wait to see the geese photos!!!Have a good sleep and happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!