Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So there I was, driving south on I-5. It was overcast and drizzly, and the geese were out in large numbers, flying high overhead in somewhat disheveled formations. To the west, I saw a flock of thousands of Snow Geese, some in the air but most on the ground. I looked at them longingly, wishing I could photograph them but realizing how incompatible that is with driving.

Yes, it was really a "duh" moment. Because there on the seat next to me was the camera bag containing The Beast and the telephoto lens. And there was a frontage road. And I was in no hurry to be anywhere. Woo hoo! I took the next exit and headed back north to the field.

That's the most geese I've seen together like that. AWESOME.

The big mostly-white ones are Snow Geese. The little mostly-white ones are Ross's Geese. Juveniles of both those species are darker/grayer than the adults. The big grayish brown ones with pink bills in the first photo are Greater White-Fronted Geese.

I have always wanted to shoot photos like the middle ones you'll see here!


Von said...

These are marvellous!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting such a delightful and exciting treat.
If you don't mind I'll blog it so the link is on Zorro's Blog for fans of the goose to see.They'll be full of admiration!
How exciting for you,once in a lifteime op.Happy Christmas!

Katherine Plumer said...

Thank you! :-)