Monday, August 31, 2009


My brother Douglas (Doug, to the rest of the world) is visiting. He lives in London. He brought his flat-mate (not sure if that's supposed to be hyphenated or not) Robin with him. Robin's British, so I'm highly entertained by having someone with an accent around. I was afraid Mom was going to need subtitles to understand him, but so far so good. :-)

We celebrated D's birthday about a month after the fact, and yes I very deliberately made this ice cream cake pretty silly looking!:

That's a big tomato. I fed it to Shylah, and I laughed so hard it hurt. That horse LOVES tomatoes.

Mmmm, yummy!

Last Friday we had two birch trees taken out of the back yard. I guess I should have taken a "before" photo. For one thing the huge mulberry was completely growing into them and it looked bad. For another thing they were dead. Did not handle the switch to "drought-tolerant" drip irrigation of course (why do people plant birches here anyway?) Well apparently these birches were supporting part of the weight of the mulberry, because I went out Sunday morning to feed and found a branch had broken overnight:

That's not good:

The tree guys came over again today and removed the downed branch.

It's a bug butt!:

Yeah you:

(Sorry, little camera doesn't take good pics at maximum digital zoom).

Guess what! I went shopping today with my friend A.C. and I found something to wear! Woo hoo! Dress Barn to the rescue. FYI to former-roomie K, the pants I got are from INC at Macy's. As was the pregnant eggplant shirt, which I returned. There was another shirt I liked a whole lot today too. If it would have had cute little cap sleeves instead of dumb ruffles with giant armpit holes.... Sigh. I may still hit the dreaded mall one more time just to keep all options open. Heck, the pressure's off now, it might be a bit more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

You are toooo funny! -BM

Kayda said...

As your former roomie...if no one wins that chicken art...I will buy it :-)

And I am glad your pants are from INC, I have a pair that I really like. I have a bunch of shirts I really like from them too. Not everything fits, but I usually can find something.

Katherine Plumer said...

Geez Kayda, way to put me in a dilemma!

I think since I did commit to give it away, I will try again tomorrow night if the current winner does not contact me.

But you DO need to commission some cat portraits, hint hint elbow nudge wink.