Saturday, August 29, 2009

I hate shopping, part 2


My fashion-conscious sis-in-law unfortunately had to cancel out on our plans to hit the mall today, which means the hick from the sticks had to go alone. Oh sigh. I debated just waiting til later but I'd already kinda set aside the time for it today, so I dragged my sorry butt to the mall this morning, hoping to somehow magically find something that would flatter me.

I think I jinx myself by having a crappy attitude about shopping.

I tried on about 2374597982378789745 things, and hated all of it. You name it. Too long, too short, too low-cut, not low-cut enough (!), sleeves too tight (hey, my arms are buff), crappy fabric, ugly colors, lovely but all size small, too old-ladyish, too teenagerish, too maternityish, etc.

I did return the top I bought last time (the one that made me feel like a pregnant eggplant). I still have the gray pants, but if I don't find a top I'll have to return those too. I either have to find a top to go with them, or start from scratch and locate a whole new outfit, or find a top for one of the various skirts I have that don't match any of the tops I have. It's a quandary.

Anyway, I was determined to buy something, so I did get a couple cute long-sleeve t-shirts and totally fell for a corduroy blazer thingy. It made me feel like I ought to be riding horses in a New England forest or something. I'm sure I'll find some place else to wear it though, since riding horses in New England is not something that I do with any regularity... Actually I got two, because I couldn't decide which color I liked best. Maybe I'll return one. Maybe I won't. I needed something nicer than sweatshirts anyway.

So, I'm disgruntled with this "business attire" quest, and thank goodness I don't have to wear this stuff daily (though I suppose I'd get used to it). Next up I'll hit some local stores, and then if I strike out there it'll be back to the mall with my sis-in-law in a couple weeks, and I simply won't go home until I find something, even if it is olive green and pumpkin orange. With ruffles and pleats.

Oh yeah, and get this. I just realized I have nothing to wear to a wedding late next month. Crap! I'm sure I can scrounge up *something* for that.


Anonymous said...

I keep telling you to go to coldwater creek. At least their essential tees with be basic enough to do the job you want. And they look business attire-like and are affordable without you thinking New England horseback riding-ish.

Katherine Plumer said...

I did go there. The styles are just not right for this.

Anonymous said...

K - go to Ross. They have great suits that are stylish. You get to look through them - some are terrible. I have purchased two very good poly suits that I always get compliments on. I love that I can wash them and they look terrific - no dry cleaning bills. These are business suits, not frilly. Also, Dress Barn at the Folsom outlet store has business and dress things. fullo

Kayda said...

ok, you can try White House, Black Market...they have some nice sleek stuff (but a little pricy).

You can also try Macy's and the INC dept. Some of the stuff is REALLLLY fact, Macy's has free shipping right now for INC stuff. You should check them out online.

I think the one on Sunrise has a pretty good selection.