Saturday, August 22, 2009

I hate shopping, part 1

What kind of woman hates shopping?!


I always have, and I think I get more opposed to it as I get older. Let's face it, in 99% of my life nobody gives a hoot if I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt (or jeans and a sweatshirt). Heck I could run around here in my birthday suit and most of the time nobody would see me (but I'd hate to scare the cats, so I don't). Wearing something nice means a shirt with buttons on it. And jeans without holes in them. Really nice means something with buttons on it, and a skirt (usually denim). Business/professional attire? I'm thrown for a loop.

I went shopping today with my incredibly wonderful and patient sis-in-law. She has fashion sense. I don't.

Overall, the colors of the season seem to be inspired by eggplants, pumpkins, and olives. I can deal with eggplants, but I won't wear the other two. I tried very hard to be cooperative, and tried on a LOT of things, and some were beyond hideous (though maybe would have been lovely on someone with... say, no butt).

I have a butt, a rather large one. Curse you genetics, curse you!!! Oh to be a size four. Pretty sure even my skeleton would never wear something that tiny. Sigh.

In the end, I came home with gray pants (kinda cute, go figure, I was determined to only get a skirt, I have a long-standing hatred of slacks) and a floofy purple top. I had some serious misgivings about the top. After trying it all on again when I got home, I was reminded why. Anyone who is bigger than a flat-chested-stringbean is going to look potentially pregnant in those long flowy tops with the deep v-neck and the high waist and the poofy floofy pleats over the belly. That's not exactly the impression I want to give!!!

So... I'll have to go shopping again. *cries*

I totally dig those hippie style skirts and tops, but they just don't seem too "business/professional." Then again, maybe they'd expect it from a California girl. ;-)

What to wear to a late evening reception, in Kansas, in the early fall, in the company of mostly men, mostly several decades older than me.... My head hurts.


Granny Annie said...

Suddenly you have made me feel better about my size. Your comment: "Pretty sure even my skeleton would never wear something that tiny. Sigh." is something I can agree with. It does seem some of us are trying to also reduce our skeletons. (Oh, and I also HATE to shop!)

Jan Blawat said...

I used to think my skeleton was cursed too, until my butt mysteriously disappeared and (for a while) left me with chicken legs and no butt. Not that there's much you can do about it aside from a medical disaster. When you have a big butt and diet the rest of you usually shrinks much faster than the butt, and then the butt looks bigger. What a treat!

I know what you mean about the flowing tops, it makes everyone look pregnant. I hate them. Maybe that's the wrong attitude. Just go around looking pregnant and maybe people will treat you nicer.

Anonymous said...

I know - I hate clothes shopping too (kitchen gadgets and hardware stores are more up my alley any day!). I seem to have a trend of "look and try things on for two trips, and the third one's the charm". I have no idea why, but most of the time I try things on and nothing fits/works/makes-me-feel-great, then magically, I will go and find just what I am looking for (sigh). Anyhow, your posting reminded me of a show called "What not to Wear" on TLC, I think. Great show (I discovered it now that we have a sat. dish) and they do exactly what you are looking for...they help people find clothes that fit them and hide flaws (while also finding clothes which bring out the things they like best). It's a fun show to watch, and I am learning about clothes, styles, and colours! I should tape it so you can come over and watch it!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez. You are not alone in this department. I have been wearing business professional wear for quite some time now. That is why I suggested Coldwater Creek. It is expensive though, but the stuff lasts forever! I think the CS and I should nominate you for the What Not To Wear Show. Hey, if you get on TV, then maybe you will end up with a cool TV stalker boyfriend...okay, maybe not. -BM