Saturday, August 01, 2009

can't really think of a title today

I guess technically what I said about how the last batch of chicks hatched two weekends ago wasn't true. Five more hatched yesterday. They're not mine though, and they'll be going home to their owner in a few days. Cute little buggers though. Hatching is hard work!

Speaking of hard work (yup, you know I'm going to talk about it):

Fence update:
Top rails: done! Gloriously done. Due to fence posts that lean and top boards that are warped, I'm not going to say the fences all make entirely straight lines, but... it's an improvement. I went through a lot of wire, pulled out a lot of screws and nails that were falling out anyway, got a really fabulous farmer's tan (oh goody, she says), and every square inch of me is extremely sore.

Hot wire: got all the stuff today. Also got lots of silly comments from TSC employees ("gee, think you've got enough insulators in there?" "Save some for other people too!") I got two ground rods pounded in 4.5 feet each (they are 6 foot poles). The other was more stubborn, still have another foot to go. Ouch. I am soooo not looking forward to this, but can't wait to be done, and need to be done asap before the horses pop all the new staples out of the fence.

I had a strange moment today. I saw someone at the store who I used to know until he dropped off the planet (Mr. "I'll call you on Friday" who never did). I would have been perfectly happy to say hello, or just wave, but I don't think I've ever seen someone so obviously determined not to make eye contact. Weird. Sometimes I just don't understand people. Something to keep in mind: don't end things awkwardly with someone you're likely to run into again. I KNEW that was going to happen.

I do understand sleep though, so I think I'll go do that.

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