Sunday, March 15, 2009

where did the weekend go?

How did it get to be Sunday night already?

Yesterday was so fun. :-) I was only nervous for a few seconds while standing on the steps to go on stage. Aside from that, I pretty much felt awesome.

After finally managing to pry myself out of bed today, I spent the day painting and drawing. Three more days of painting to go, then I have to varnish and label them. I have to admit I'm getting tired of painting. I'm not tired of chickens, I don't think that's possible, but I'm tired of painting. Or maybe it's just that I prefer projects that take longer so I can really get into them. That might be it, because I've really enjoyed the big paintings I've done. Huh.

The Sheltie sketch is pending approval. That's for an upcoming scrim project. And I'm sending off some sample drawing sizes to a client who is considering a chicken drawing.

I need to engrave, and I've had to neglect my scroll studies for lack of time lately. Only three more days of painting to go, woo hoo!!!

And the ground is drying out, I'll be able to ride soon. Not that I have any grand plans or anywhere to go.

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