Friday, March 13, 2009


I am thinking about transferring this blog to the blogspot server (it is currently hosted on my own site). I chose to host it myself because it seemed safer, no risk of blogspot losing things if everything is contained without in my own domain. The problem is there are a lot of features that I can't use. Like site feeds. Not that I really understand what those are, but you can't "subscribe" to this blog the way it is right now, and I know a lot of people prefer to do that so they know when a blog is updated. I also don't get the "newer posts" and "older posts" navigation, you have to go into the archives and that can be a a pain to pull up a whole month at a time.

This could be a serious pain in the asterisk, but I'm considering it. The other option I guess is just to set up ANOTHER blog but jeez do I really need to post this in FOUR places?

I'm open to suggestions from anyone who knows something about this.

And now, back to painting.

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