Friday, March 27, 2009

my beautiful horses

I started a new scrim project today. I just have the image transferred and a little bit done, it's not much to look at right now. So I didn't scan it.

My horses looked soooo bored today. Nice sunny day and they've been cooped up in the corral for months (I want the pasture to go to seed so I'm keeping the horses off it). Anyway, I felt sorry for them so I let them out for a gallop and a little grazing. They were so eager to graze it was hard to get them to MOVE for photos, which is why they have grass hanging out of their mouths in these pics! Classy, I know. Gwen is a 22 year old Morgan X Shire. She's the black one with white socks. Shylah is an almost 6 year old Canadian Horse (yes, that's a real breed). She came down here from Canada from the PMU industry when she was just a little stringbean of a weanling.

I took way over 100 photos. I narrowed them down to these. There are more of Shylah because she moves around more! :-)

Olin, meanwhile, maintained his usual level of enthusiasm.

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