Wednesday, October 29, 2008

stuff I keep forgetting to say

I am not making Christmas cards this year. For sale, I mean. Well, chances are I won't get around to making them for myself to send either, but I am not selling Christmas cards this year because I don't have time to create a new design. I do have about 5 boxes left from last year (they are undated) if anyone's interested.

I had mentioned the possibility that I would be showing art at a horse show in early November. That, unfortunately, did not pan out. Although it would have been exactly the right sort of crowd for me (lots of people with lots of money) they do not have overnight security for the vendor area, and since I don't have any way of securing my stuff (short of taking it down every night, which would so not happen) I didn't feel as though I could risk showing there. It's too bad, but I can't take that sort of chance with my work.

I've been in an awful funk with the art since the incident last week. I think I just need to work on other things for a while.

I've totally been looking forward to a trail ride this weekend but it's looking like the weather is not going to cooperate. Dang it! As much as we really need rain (the pastures are like deserts) I was hoping it could hold off just a few more days.

Foiled again, unless the forecast changes.

I have the urge to bake something. I really want to make a pumpkin cheesecake. Mmmmmm.

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