Tuesday, October 14, 2008

peacock scrim done!

Woo hoo! I am just totally excited that the experiment with a different ink (India and colored drawing inks) and a different technique (sealing each layer of color with wax) seems to work, and I CAN scrim from light to dark. Let me be totally clear though, this is REALLY hard to do! :-0

So, I'm going to have someone "test drive" this piece for a while and then I'll take a look at it and make sure there's no loss of ink. I think this'll solve that problem though, so although I still want to be *sure* I think I can safely say I'm once again able to make scrim jewelry and I am ready to take on color commissions (just over two months til Christmas, hint hint!). Contact me for individual pricing, it's going to vary immensely depending on the subject. Remember, elephant ivory can't be exported. I can export mammoth ivory though.

Remember you can read the whole tutorial here: Color Scrimshaw Peacock Pendant

I am going to be transferring the tutorials to my website too, eventually... I could post it all here too.. (?)


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