Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aaaaarg! @#$%!!!

I think smoke might be coming out of my ears, and my head hurts so bad it's making my right eye go kinda wonky. I can't talk about "the issue" but 99% of the time I love my job. Today is the 1%.

I am not at fault, I did exactly what I was told to do.


Don't ask, just sympathize.


Anonymous said...

This has to do with the miniature show, does it not? Or perhaps your winning the metal scrimshaw tool. Oh, I know, Olin ate the white seramas! (although it seems more likely that he slept on them). BTW-can you do colored pencil on velour paper? Does that work? - BM

Katherine Plumer said...

None of the above. It'll all work out in the end...eventually.

And no, CP on velour doesn't work well, the CP's are too hard to really sink into the fibers like the soft graphite does. I like Stonehenge paper for CP.

Anonymous said...

In the end?!? OMG Olin DID eat the Seramas! just kidding...BM

Anonymous said...

So BM can't get a colored pencil drawing of Elvis on velour? Nor a Mack truck with flashing headlights? Snicker. JJ

Anonymous said...

OMG JJ, how on earth did you know that I love that Elive in velour?! But you forgot the unicorn on velour...with the rainbow and clouds in the background! tee-hee! -BM