Sunday, November 12, 2006

a typical weekend

Nothing much exciting going on. Sounds like I missed a fun show. Darn it.

The art show reception last night was nice, I'm glad I went. I don't venture downtown all that often but it's not so bad. Although every single time I seem to catch a red light at Capitol and 43rd, right there at the East Lawn sign. And there's NEVER anyone who needs to get through the other way... just a random red light, must be on a timer or something. It can be greeeeeeeen and not a car in sight but as soon as I get close to that intersection it turns red! Weird.

I did a lot of drawing this weekend. I'm working on the pair of Wheaten Old English Game Bantams. I've never given Wheatens too much thought but the female color is really fairly complicated to draw, there's so much subtlety there. But I'm also not sure how much of that is supposed to be there... the real live birds seem to have a lot of pale lacing, and the description doesn't mention it, so I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be there. Hopefully I'm on the right track! Should be done tomorrow I think. That was going to be the last pair... I was going to be done... and then the phoenix got added. *SIGH* I still hope to be done by Christmas. I am bummed out that I won't be totally done by the Indiana show though, that irks me.

I also spent a bunch of time working on fixing up Dusty's saddle. He's ready to ride (finally, yes, I've been a slacker) but doesn't fit all that well in either of mine (he's narrower through the withers than my horses) so the saddle that came with him is 50+ years old and was dry as a bone. Well... one quart of neatsfoot oil and six hours later (plus leather cleaner before oiling, and a final coating of conditioner) it's clean and shiny. I am kicking myself for not photographing it before I started, it looks a lot better. If the weather is decent tomorrow I'll saddle him up and see what happens. Otherwise maybe Tuesday.

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