Saturday, November 04, 2006

it's always something

I called the tire store this morning and they said the new wheel was in and they could get it done in less than an hour. So I took the car in and proceeded to work on setting up my portfolio for about the next 45 minutes. And then the guy walked up to me with a rather sheepish look. I was afraid he was going to tell me my brakes were dead or the steering wheel fell off or they lost the car or something. Not quite that bad, but it turns out the wheel was the wrong size. He'd sent a guy back to the warehouse to pick up the right one, but that would take an hour, plus still having to wait for them to install it. *sigh* I didn't have that much work to do, and I'd already read their pathetic selection of magazines yesterday (I read all of Vogue, and fashion just horrifies me.)

So... I called Mom and she came into Elk Grove and picked me up. I had to be back in town at 2 to hang art in a coffee shop. So after eating some lunch I got the art stuff ready to go, made the labels and price tags, etc. I called the tire store at 1:15. No, they hadn't started yet but it would be done within the hour. Seeing as how I had to be in EG at 2, we left here again around 1:30, got to the tire store around 1:45. Not started yet. As soon as I went to the desk and asked about it they got right to work. But I had to leave so I ended up taking the art in the minivan and Mom took my car back home. I did notice the hubcap is still there, I'd better check it. Maybe they wheel they got really fits it, but the guy told me the hubcap would be too loose in the new wheel.

I hung 6 art pieces at Port City Java in Laguna. I am showing with Stacy Maeda. The downside to us showing together is people who don't know better may think it's all one person's stuff. But.. it does look nice together since it's all of a similar theme! Some pics:

And some really cute pics of the boys:

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Anonymous said...

Earl Schwab, off Bradshaw Road, has been great to me. I've never had to wait for more than 40 minutes, even when they put on 4 new tires. They fixed a going-flat new tire on the Toyota and didn't charge me anything, even though the tires on it didn't come from them. AND they buy animals from kids at the county fair. JJ