Friday, November 03, 2006

tire, tired?

I wrongly blamed the tire for the troubles. It's not the TIRE that leaks, it's the WHEEL. How weird is that. The guy at the shop said it's leaking around one of the welds or something. So I have to go back tomorrow to get a new wheel. Well, an old wheel, but new for me. It likely won't fit my really lovely plastic hubcaps though, so I'm going to be one of those people driving a car that's missing a hubcap. Shoot. Oh well, at this point as old as that car is I suppose it ought to be the least of my concerns.

Thank goodness this didn't happen on a poultry show weekend or I'd be up dooty creek. It holds air long enough to get into town and back but I sure wouldn't trust it on a long drive!

I was interviewed this morning for an article that will be printed in Hobby Farms magazine, probably in March. Hopefully I didn't say anything too stupid, I'm not great with interviews and usually manage to come up with something ridiculously boneheaded.

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Anonymous said...

You should paint one door a different color, then people will think you're from Rio Linda and that your car is actually in pretty good shape.