Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the tire curse strikes again!

Wow, so it's been about a year since I had tire problems!!

I was on my way to run about a million errands today, the most important of which was dropping off a jacket to be embroidered up in Granite Bay. On a good day that's nearly an hour drive (or more, if I get lost) but at 3:30pm I was already cutting it close to make it there by the end of business hours. The only reason I was going late in the day was that I'm house-sitting and it's all in the same direction so it made sense not to have to drive up this way twice in one day.

Anyway, stopped at the gas station and I was putting dead dinosaur in the car when I happened to glance at the right front tire and think "hmm, that's not so good." It wasn't flat, persay, but it was extremely low. Not the sort of thing I wanted to be driving around with. But it looked like it would get me back home in one piece (only a few miles). And it did. I pumped it up and left it in the garage to see if it's a slow leak or what, moved all my stuff into the pickup, and eventually left again.

But it was too late to get to the store in time. Shoot! I'll have to do that first thing in the morning, as I am cutting it close anyway as far as turnaround time goes. It's going to cost a small fortune but by golly it's going to look GOOD, and it'll make me easy to find (and also make me completely not-anonymous, which may take some getting used to).

Stupid tire though, sheesh. I'll have to take that in Friday morning to be fixed. I'm not crazy about driving the truck, aka the little beast. It's not bad, but it has no airbags and the radio doesn't work. Plus it kinda smells funny so it makes for an interesting drive. Oh well.

If it ain't one thing it's another.

I am in search of some really nice cute chicken fabric for a project I'm working on. Somewhere in the red or pink spectrum. Not anything with a big border print on it. I'm not having much luck so if anyone knows of anything fabulous do let me know. I'm pretty picky though!

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