Tuesday, November 14, 2006

finally rode Dusty

I just got in from riding Dusty for the first time. That's probably one of those things I shouldn't do when nobody's around, but... what choice did I have. He was fine, other than an extreme desire to scrape me off on the panels. Egads I hate riding in a round pen!! He's pretty light on the bit and turns very well with hardly any cue...while he's walking. But get him going faster and it's really tough to keep him off the rail, and I mean literally off the rail. I try to stay relaxed and loose but when he repeatedly mashes me into the wall I start to think it's deliberate and it's hard not to tense up. He did get better by the end though, we had a few conversations about how I would be the one deciding which direction to go.

There is no doubt that the saddle is sufficiently well oiled. Gross. I'll need to make a point to wear my most foul old jeans for a while when I use it.

His trot is not a lot of fun, it's very bouncy, definitely a posting trot! He doesn't naturally fall into any sort of gait (he's a Tennessee Walker). He walks, trots, canters, and sometimes throws in a few steps or something else but I haven't gotten him to sustain the something else yet..(that may be easier when riding). Anyway, the trot doesn't compare to Shylah's! I wasn't going to do any more than that but while giving him some leg to get him OFF the rail he started to canter. It was like "ooh, what's this, we're floating!" So nice! In that department he has Shylah beat for sure! So that was a pleasant discovery.

I think we'll pretty quickly be moving our work sessions into the arena (pasture) though I do want keep working on not having him scrape me off, because that's not fun and I don't appreciate it.

JJ, he needs a curb strap on that bit to keep it in place.. I may have an extra somewhere, I'll see if I can find it. Otherwise I'll pick one up at the feed store next time I go, unless you get there first! :-)

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