Sunday, November 26, 2006

rainy day

Rainy days sometimes seem gloomy, but I was reminded the other day how it was always the rainy days that seemed to have the most birds show up when I used to go out bird-counting in college (yeah, it was a real class!). And sure enough all I have to do is look out the front window to see that indeed this rainy day has the yard teeming with little birds.

Hopefully the grass will grow in the pasture! I've closed two pastures off to give it a chance to grow, it doesn't stand a chance with three horses tromping around on it. The horses are wonderfully fuzzy. JJ came over yesterday and I learned I've not been riding Dusty the correct way. Correct for a western pleasure horse perhaps, but she says a gaited horse needs more contact with the bit, so that's a real switch for me. Feels like riding English! (actually, feels like I'm hanging on the reins...) I'm used to going around on a loose rein with my horses! I did accidentally get him to gait a bit that day and I'm looking forward to trying it again and figuring out just how to cue it. He is so much fun to ride at the canter, I haven't enjoyed cantering that much since Thunder was alive. She could turn on the speed! Thunder was a "racing bred" Quarter Horse (lots of Thoroughbred in her bloodlines) and not only did she love to run, but she was fast. One of the most memorable parts of our time together was me being about 14 years old, galloping full-speed into wind in the huge field across from our property, eyes streaming in the wind. What a rush. Gwen has never been one for speed, unless she's doing something naughty like running away from me. Under saddle she's a bit of a slug, with a tendency to buck at the canter, and these days I don't ask that much of her anyway because of her feet (truth is, I'm about ready to completely retire her-- no more riding, let her go barefoot). Shylah just has a really bouncy canter so I prefer to trot around on her. She's lazy too! Not Dusty though, he wants to go go go.

I am drawing a Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam right now. It makes me think of Twinkie..a bird I used to have. Poor Twinkie. :-( It's not a bird for the Standard, it's a private commission, which means I'll be able to show it on here once the client has seen it. Woo hoooo!!!!!!! Though not a Standard drawing, it's identical in style, so it'll give you a very good idea of what those look like.

Well, time to go feed the critters.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to chime in to let you know I read and love your blog. I stumbled across it looking for coop ideas for our chickens. Your artwork is amazing, you have quite the talent. Your chickens are just stunning. Between the pics of your chickens, and having my own (nothing interesting, their just for eggs) I have realized just how beautiful chickens are. Keep up the great work!

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks Jim, I appreciate hearing from you!