Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 15 work in progress

Oooooohhhh my goodness this takes a long time. It is my own fault that I fell behind, so I'm working very hard to catch up. 12 hour days at the microscope until this is done. I have even less of a life than usual right now. ;-) But these grips are only the first part, there is still a very large knife... There is serious incentive to be done by the end of the month and I'm trying!! I really don't know if I can pull that off though. Realistically, probably not, but I'll still try. You can't rush scrimshaw, and there's no way I would cut corners or sacrifice quality. Most important thing here is to make the absolute BEST work I can do, whatever it takes. I have a great client and he deserves the best scrimshaw I can possibly create. :-)

The pistol grips are getting darn close to being done. I'm working on the background maps now, shading the ocean. The Europe side is not finished. Then I still need to do the lettering (the names of the generals) and probably tweak a few shadows here and there. I really wanted to finish the oceans tonight but I am going to go nuts if I don't stop for the day. :-)


Anonymous said...

Those are looking FANTASTIC Katherine! I'll be looking to see them when finished.


brokenfeather said...

This is some of your best work. The likenesses are spot on! And the overall effect is great art!
Now, will the pistol itself be engraved?(perhaps some inlay?)
Fan-Dang-Tastic for sure.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks you guys! Yes, is pistol itself is being engraved, no doubt with lots of gold on it, though I haven't seen it and I don't have any idea what subject matter is being depicted. Funny things, these collaborative projects, we don't always know what the other is up to. :-)