Tuesday, November 29, 2011

more better

Thanks for the suggestions on yesterday's post about the coop door. Obviously I don't know much about raccoons, and I haven't managed to trap the varmint yet either. But I made the door on the little house in the pullet pen ("little house in the pullet pen"... could be a novel or something, right?) a bit more Fort-Knox-ish today.

That plastic mesh is a whole lot stronger than you might think (I can barely cut it with a wire-cutter!) but I put a piece of wire fence over the top, and then added another strip of wood to keep little prying fingers from the bottom of it.

Oh, and yes the latches are quite tight! :-)


brokenfeather said...

Good Job Katherine,
Here in the desert SW where everything has spikes, horns, or fangs ...or weird combinations of all three...we know a chicken pen is not to keep the birds in, rather it is to keep the varmints out.

Anonymous said...

It looks more varmint proof than ever before. I am glad you chose the wire for the pullet pen. The plastic may have been strong, but remember, a racoon as all night to work its way through by chewing. He will likely look elsewhere for a meal from now on. Good luck!