Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 12 work in progress

If you are not familiar with the size of a Colt 1911 grip, here's my hand for scale. And yes, those are my pajamas. ;-) And no, these are not finished.


Bob Easton said...

Lovin' em! Of course, I've always been a fan of these two generals.

As an aside, there are life size bronze statues of both at West Point. Mac was valedictorian of his West Point graduating class and his statue faces the large parade field, a spectacular view. Patton did not achieve high academic honors at West Point, and his statue faces the library, with his back to the parade field. Ike looks outward from the other prime corner of the parade field.

Nice jammies!

dougzilla said...

And here I thought it was you in a kimono... ;-)

Oh yeah - nice scrimshaw... :-)