Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"The Greatest Generation" Colt 1911 Grips

Woo hoo, the grips are done! I am really, really, really thrilled by how these turned out. This is a tremendous project to be involved in (and a tremendously large project!). I'm all smiles. :-)

Here they are!

You want closeups? You got it!

What, not close enough? Okay.

Seriously, more detail? Okay... fine, but that's all you get.

Next up, the knife! With airplanes! Thankfully the time pressure is off, nobody involved was going to be ready for a Dec 1 deadline. *WHEW*


brokenfeather said...

Very very nice!!!! I hope we will get to see the final assembly.
I am amazed by the accurate detail on the faces.Is the piece for an owner or is it to be put up for sale?

Katherine Plumer said...

Thank you Aaron! You will definitely see the final piece some day... whenever I do. :-) I don't know when exactly that will happen.

This is a custom piece done for a particular client. He reads this, he's welcome to chime in about the project if he wants to. :-)

Mike Plumer said...

Katherine, Jan and I agree that this is just amazing work -- photorealistic scrimshaw. I still think you need another name for the process, since this work bears no relationship at all to the "scrimshaw" I saw for sale in Alaska. Really nice!!!

Bob Easton said...

Simply fabulous! It looks like you've outdone yourself ... again!

You mention that these are part of a larger project. knives? other engraved pieces? or, more scrim?

The client is very fortunate. Fortunate to have the means to commission such work. Fortunate to find artists who can produce superb results. And fortunate to be giving honor to that great generation which kept so much of the world free.

THANK YOU to him for his vision and to you for your excellent art!

AnnRan said...

Absolutely stunning work, Katherine. The shading, the realism, it's all top notch! Your client must be thrilled!

Ray at CKG said...

I just saw your work & was blown away! How much for your custom work?

Unknown said...

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