Tuesday, October 19, 2010

stuff and things

I finished that chicken drawing I've been working on. But I probably won't be posting it for about a week because as I said my graphics capabilities are pretty limited right now on this laptop. The iMac is on its way to the bay area today to have its guts replaced. By guts I mean the logic board and power supply. Fun, eh? Cripes. I love computers until they break and then I HATE THEM. Anyway it should be back in about a week. I hate shipping it, but it was cheaper/easier than spending half my day and half a tank of gas driving there and back... twice. Here's hoping they do a good job, it's a company I haven't used before.

I REALLY want to work on my website! Hear that chomping sound? That's me chomping at the bit.

The weather is so fabulous right now. We had some rain this weekend and it's just gorgeous. Something about this time of year brings back a lot of memories of riding my first horse on the ranch where I grew up.

I dreamed I was moving to Wyoming. This seems to be a weekly dream.

I've got a bunch of projects I'm just starting to work on. Think graphite, think western, think BIG. Well, that's one of them anyway. ;-) Some itty bitty scrimshaw too!


dougzilla said...

You know, if you find a place to speaks to you, repeatedly and in your dreams even, maybe you should actually think about moving there? I know, I know - not something you can do at the moment, but you really shoudln't just brush aside the thought...

Katherine Plumer said...

Oh that thought is not brushed aside! Definitely not in the cards right NOW, but yeah, if I could move there I would. In a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Can you scrim on antlers if they are polished? -BMc.