Monday, October 25, 2010

finished the chicken drawing!

"Leading Them Home"
(Columbian Wyandotte hen, mixed variety chicks)
colored pencil and graphite on warm white Stonehenge paper
© 2010
8 x 11 inches

Did I already say that the iMac is back? The iMac is back. I spent most of the rainy weekend doing website work, which is TEDIOUS to the max. But I'm happy with what I'm doing, it'll look swell if I ever manage to finish.

I think we got about 1.75 inches of rain over the weekend, which is pretty impressive. Thus begins mud season! I had to wade out through the corral on Sunday and shovel out the drainage ditches that go to the creek. They were blocked with sodden masses of of grass and blackberry vines. Amazing how much it helps drainage when the ditches are clear! ;-)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Wow! What a smashing picture Katherine! You must have unlimited patience. And your prize pumpkin was also special.
There are two things I wish to share with you
1. We both began our blogs in June 2005 - me on the 23rd - you on the 25th. Spooky!
2. Have you ever visited another Katherine's blog - Katherine de Chevalle in New Zealand. She is also a very talented artist as you will see if you look back through her blog. Go to

Granny Annie said...

Even though you have sold this great painting, is there any chance the image will appear on any of your greeting cards?

Anonymous said...

I love it! -BMc

Amy said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Katherine Plumer said...

Thank you! :-)

As for whether this will be on cards.... I'm not certain. It was commissioned specifically as an image for someone's Christmas card, so I'll honor that and not print it for my own use until well after that time. Down the road somewhere, who knows. I don't do nearly as many as the same type of art shows/poultry shows that I used to, so there are limited opportunities to sell note cards, and I've cut wayyyy back on having cards and prints created. If enough people were interested that I could meet the minimum order requirement (I'd have to look that up) then I'd be happy to do a custom run of cards for people. But as I said, not right now. :-)