Sunday, October 24, 2010

it's so late it's morning!

It's raining. Quarter of an inch so far! The leaves have been falling. The horses are fuzzy. The mornings sometimes have that crispy minty-eucalyptus smell that happens after it rains (love that!). I've been wearing flannel! I have a very serious apple pie craving, so I think I'll bake one next weekend. In the mean time I made a pumpkin cheesecake, and it's fan-damn-tastic. (Okay, really, why am I still single? Isn't the ability to bake cheesecake on anybody's list of requirements?)

I love fall.

It's Saturday night, but really it's now Sunday morning.

Mom and Jan and I went to the CASH Tribute concert at the Sutter Creek Theatre tonight. I enjoyed the heck out of it, really enjoyed Jim Garner's singing and the band was great, and it was a kick to see Johnny Cash music performed live. I could have died of happiness when they played Ghost Riders in the Sky, love love love that song! There was much grinning and toe-tapping in my world tonight. :-)

And I have to give a big shout out to the Sutter Creek Theatre itself. That place is pretty darn cool, and the owners are super nice people. Going to a concert in a small theater where tickets cost about $20, and you can actually see the performers (the theater holds just over 200) is soooo much better than some overpriced concert where you pay an arm and a leg and get nose bleed seats. You know what, those big time people often don't sound all that great live anyway. I am an increasingly avid fan of these small concerts featuring lesser known performers who can do a real knockout live performance for a small audience, it's SUCH an enjoyable experience. I go to a few concerts per year there now, and there were a few more I would have loved to see but was out of town. Besides, support the arts! :-)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I know what you mean about small scale concerts Katherine. You feel so much more connected to the artist and the music than in those huge arenas. It's the same over here in England. I also hate the way they try to franchise everything - not even allowing concert goers to bring in their own bottles of water. I came here from Jan's blog.

Katherine Plumer said...

Hello YP (as Jan calls you). Thanks for the comment, and welcome to the blog! :-)