Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekend "jam session" and other nonsense

Oh my, this has been a busy one. In the midst of all this fruity stuff, there was a doggie play date and training session (for a friend's dog) yesterday afternoon (I must take pictures of Angus and his buddy playing some time!) and I got up at the crap of dawn and went to a poultry auction this morning. Other than that, here's my weekend:

Right, you know I can't resist photographing Olin. Sometimes, when he's not nestled into packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or expensive silk, he likes plain unadorned boxes. Priority Mail medium flat rate boxes are just the right fit:

I washed a lot of jars in preparation for the jam session:

Starting on the jam:

But he's just so cute!:

Jam done (3 batches of peach, 3 batches of nectarine), starting on the canning:

Oh my, they are so glorious:

And big (that's a softball):

And heavy:

And delicious:

Canning done, at least for now... I actually may do more but that was all the jars I had today, and all the urgently ripe fruit. That's 19.5 quarts:

There are still a lot of nectarines on the tree:

The big peaches are almost all gone now:

But the little peach tree isn't even quite ripe yet. Oh my goodness I need more people to come over and pick it!:

The big hens were being awful about eating their own eggs. So I gave them permanent free-range status. Now they leave their eggs in the corner of the barn every day. Such nice girls:

Mmmm mmm, a beautiful jam session! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my..I have to stop eating these peaches!!!!! I am still going to try making the fruit leather, although I am slightly worried now (that it won't turn out right). I don't want to waste any bite of these peaches (am I being a peach snob?). I have to decide by tomorrow, or else they will be too ripe....
P.S. Great pics! I loved the play-by-play of the jam making, hehe.

dougzilla said...

Too bad it's illegal to import fruit to England! :-(

Unknown said...

Wow, I have peaches in the fridge and I had one today. But now I'm thinking I might just need another one.

Good to see another bellydancer experimenting in the kitchen. :) Stop by anytime!

Anonymous said...

I need peaches here. Please send some. Your season must be earlier than here. -BMc