Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby: 1, Blackberry Pie: 0

J and L and my sweet little niece C were over for dinner a couple days ago. I made a blackberry pie for the occasion. This was the first time baby C had encountered blackberry pie, and she was hilariously enthusiastic. ;-)

I'd like to think this translates into "Two thumbs up for the pie, Aunt ICantPronounceYourName!" but really she was just smearing it in her eyeballs and everywhere else:

Ah, plate-licking, passed from one generation to the next! She's a Plumer! You had to be there, but this was so danged funny I think we all about fell off our chairs. I think she likes it. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, adorable! The plate licking was pretty funny to see a pic of....haha. Now I know what your mom was trying to describe :-)