Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August 3 work in progress

August. Cripes.

So, I'm not totally in love with working on Mother of Pearl. It's weird. Very brittle and chippy. You can hear it "crunch" when the needle goes into it. I'm used to hearing a tap, not a crunch. It's an odd sensation. It doesn't take ink well unless it's TOTALLY clean. I need to make a point to keep my hands super clean and super dry while I'm working on this. You know, no eating French fries at the bench or anything (hmmm, when's the last time I had French fries... early June I think? Mmmm, that actually sounds really good. I need to go down to A&W for fries and a frosty, it's been ages. Yes, that's one of the downsides to no longer taking bellydance classes is that I don't drive past A&W every week, sigh.) Sorry, tangent...

Anyway, I'm intending this to be a color image, but I'm not sure yet how well that'll work just because this feels so different from ivory, I don't know how well I can layer the colors, and I don't know how well the other colors will stick. Right now it only has black ink on it. We'll see!


Anonymous said...

wow that looks great! Is it a mute or tundra swan or is it going to be a goose? It looks amazing already...even if you stop there! -BMc

Jan Blawat said...

Were the horizontal patterns already there, or did you scrim them in?

Katherine Plumer said...

Tundra swan.

If the color ink doesn't work, I'll do it as a b/w image.

The horizontal bands are scrimmed. It'll make more sense when I get more scenery in there. The pattern that looks like a rippled surface is the reflective nature of the MOP. It's totally flat, and it looks different depending on how the light hits it. Weird stuff!