Monday, August 02, 2010

it's all about comfort

As Olin so often demonstrates, it's important to be comfortable. My little packing-peanut boy... Yes, that's a roll of bubble wrap. With 3 yards of very fine silk that happens to be sitting on top. Yes, he climbed up there all by himself, he is mysteriously drawn to comfy places.

I neglected to mention on July 29 that it's been TWENTY-THREE years since I got my first pair of fancy chickens. Good grief. I really sound like an old timer when I say that.

OMG, it was exactly a year ago that I accidentally whacked my left thumb with a hammer and dislocated it (I'm not convinced that I didn't actually break it, but whatever). Wow. Time flies. It's not "normal" but it didn't start out normal, so I guess it's good enough. It's now affectionately known as my "dumb thumb."

I started a new scrim today on Mother of Pearl. It's a weird surface. Brittle and chippy, totally unlike ivory. We'll see how this goes... if I can pull it off it'll be rather pretty, but I think there's a limit to what sort of image can be done on it. Definitely no super-saturated dark colors, the surface won't take that kind of treatment. I won't show you anything yet because I'm not convinced it'll turn out.


Unknown said...

Heh - boy, Olin sure does know how to relax!

And congrats on 23 years of chickening!!

Anonymous said...

can you scrim on bone? -bmc