Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Saturday's ride

I went riding out at Jan's place (and adjacent properties) on Saturday morning with Al and Cheryl (Sara the mule's new owners). They wanted to take two of their horses also, and graciously asked if I'd like to ride Sara that day. Certainly! :-) She was great, of course, so calm and steady and totally unfazed by anything. And such a sweetie. They love her so much, she's really a perfect fit in their family. I hadn't ridden her since two years ago when she was living in Idaho!

Thanks Jan for the pics! :-)

I had an interesting chat with another engraver this afternoon, and he mentioned the title of this blog. Yeah... that might kinda tip things over the edge so that I really do change it, if someone who didn't know I was thinking about changing it thinks I ought to change it. I even made a pretty cool new banner for it today. Hmmmmm.....


Anonymous said...

You should SO change the name of your blog! Your talent and your focus is light years beyond the "chicken lady" days.
Whatever you come up with will be perfect! But CHANGE IT!

Swellbelle said...

Sara is so lovely. She even emanates peace and tranquility in her photos.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know you as the Chicken Lady. Heck, even I am known as the chicken lady in my area. I know you want to change it, but remember your roots! -BMc