Wednesday, June 23, 2010

just a typical day

I am making efforts to get out of bed earlier than I would prefer. Because I need to walk the dog before the road is a gazillion degrees. I really ought to go to bed earlier... this isn't easy, I LIKE working really late at night. But I've gotten into the habit of morning doggie walks. Having a hard time with this.... I can't ever turn into one of those bloggers who tells you every mundane thing I do every day. Because my days are pretty mundane. Take today, for example, just a very typical day other than having a meeting this evening. In summary:

got up , but not as early as I intended
walked Angus 2.5 miles
rode Shylah for... ?... an hour? maybe a little less?
early lunch
took truck to mechanic to install new driver's side mirror (it had fallen off, oops!), done while I waited
baked 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes (for tonight) and 1 chocolate cake (for Friday)
made new vanilla frosting recipe
hated it, threw it out
made old faithful vanilla frosting recipe
frosted the cupcakes, froze the cake
fed animals, gathered eggs, etc.
found cat barf on floor of bedroom
cleaned it up
art club meeting/potluck tonight
got ice cream for Friday's ice cream cake
came home
scrimshaw? crap it's late though

Ooooh, blogger has some new templates... I keep thinking again about changing the title of the blog. I just can't decide what to change it to. I have a few things in mind but none really grab me. But let's face it, even though I'll always be the chicken lady to a lot of people, it's become a lesser part of my identity than it used to be.

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Anonymous said...

Don't change it, it is great. I love it. You can say it with gusto, like you are a super hero or in a sing song voice. It makes it a personal name rather than something generic.