Sunday, June 20, 2010


And just like that, it's chick season. Okay, so I'm a few months behind everyone else. It was the best I could do. I couldn't have chicks around when I went to GA (because they're high-maintenance in terms of care, I won't subject anyone but me to that routine). Plus I was selling eggs early in the season, that works better than now when it's hot and they aren't laying as well. So, first batch of chicks hatched on Friday. Last batch of eggs went in the incubator today, because, of course, I can't have chicks under 6 weeks old by the time I leave again. This is really the only way in which my world still slightly revolves around chickens!

With the ones that hatched Thursday and the ones that a few other people have hatched for me, I have probably 55-60. I'm expecting maybe 40 more, so that's actually more than I'd planned on hatching anyway. It's all good.

This goofy schedule and my plans to not show at all in the fall (because I can't, the birds won't be ready) really make me question (again) what I'll do next year. I guess I'll figure it out when the time comes. If I get some good BBReds this season, since that's the major focus, hopefully that'll really help me figure out what to work on with the birds.

Anyway, here are some pics for your enjoyment. Angus thinks they're fabulous. He licks them. And likes them too. But his enthusiasm borders somewhat on manic, so I'm extremely careful with him and sure as heck would not leave him alone with them. The dog likes to chase things. But, so far so good with the little ones. This is so much easier with puppies versus an older dog...

Oh, side note here. Angus officially got weighed the other day when he needed to go to the vet (minor ear infection). He's 104 pounds. Mind you, he's lost significant weight since he got here, thanks to 2.5 miles of walking nearly every day (works for him, not for me, grumble). Anyway, so much for him being 90lbs as the rescue group claimed! I think that's funny. :-)


Nancy K. said...

I LOVE big dogs! Anything over 100 pounds has GOT to be an awesome animal!

Your place looks like mine with chicks everywhere!

They grow up SO fast though...

Anonymous said...

What are the black and yellow chicks?(yellow heads "spot" on heads)
When I get chicks like this it is from mottled.(mottled carriers)

Katherine Plumer said...

They are mottled... Anconas! I hatched some for a friend. There are a couple reddish mutts in there too.