Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Day 4: Amarilllo to Little Rock

Well, about 600 miles of ground covered today. We're way ahead of schedule, and trying to figure out what to do tomorrow... The rest of the story is in the photo album.

The Cross-Country Adventure!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow, you really are on the other side of the country! Hehe. Tell Jan I said hi! I loved the pics - got current and read through today's posting. How cool that you got to see Graceland!

I love your captions - J and A kept asking what I was laughing at while I looked through them in the album :-). The road signs are especially good - I think you should send them to Jay Leno, LOL. He still does that "Headlines" bit, right?
Have a great time! I wish I was along for the ride!

cepeth said...

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mclabo said...

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