Thursday, April 15, 2010

reader participation!

Hello my trusty (if generally silent and surreptitious) blog readers. Today I am asking for your participation. This will help me decide what subject matter to put on a bunch of pendants or art pieces.

So, please, if you would be so kind, give me a list of your top five favorite WILD animals. Land animals, water animals, and birds! If you can't think of five, tell me less! If you have more than five, tell me more! Don't overthink it, just name some that always make you stop and admire them if you see a photo or artwork. I want to know what's trendy and loved by the general population.

You don't have to log in to leave a comment, you can be anonymous.



Sharon said...

I will start with lion - I am a Leo and have several pieces of jewelry with the male lion.

Cheetah, they are so cool!

Elephant, what can I say, they're huge in more ways than one.

Falcon, way neat!

Gazelle, so graceful!

Have a good day!

Heather Scott Partington said...

I have a friend who works with cheetah rescue groups in Africa, so I'd say cheetahs too. I like elephants, giraffes, wild birds of any kind, and sea turtles. :)

Unknown said...

Great white egret
Red-winged blackbird
Yellow-bellied sap sucker

Dale said...

Don't read too into this, just the first 5 I think of:

flamingos (serious, as you do, not silly);


humming birds;


and any bird that looks like a pheasant of some variety.

Kayda said...

Here are Dans: aardvark, boar, grizzly bear, giraffe, bronco, sea lamprey

here are mine: deer, specifically white tail, wild turkey, bobcat, mountain lion, polar bear, seals, especially white baby seals, lady bug, macaw, toucan, prairie dogs...if I think of more I will let you know

Gail Jones said...

Here are my pics in no special order


Anonymous said...

1.Polish Chickens!
2.Brown pelicans
6.Chickens (all kinds)
7.Lyrebird (cool sounds!)


Granny Annie said...

As much as I love my chickens, I do have to say that Guinea Fowl are my favorite birds. The tapestry of their feather design is unbelievable on such an otherwise ugly bird.

Boar goats catch my attention as we wander the countryside and they are so lovely dotted on a green hill.

A good mule is a thing of beauty and strength.

My dog Slim is a beauty, but I do love to see a big white Grand Pyrenees as it stands guard in a field of livestock.

Mountain Lion/Cougar is unbelievable when it catches your eye. It is such a phantom and can be spotted in almost every area of the United States (though many deny that fact).

Of course I love lions, tigers and bears but only see them in a zoo and much prefer to think about the animals I see living in their natural habitat.

A. Henson said...

A white peacock would be lovely! Tho OKC Zoo has one, and I snapped a photo a few years ago. Very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I always look at the big cats -- particularly tigers, mountain lions, etc. However, I'm not into regular (African) lions particularly.

I agree about hummingbirds and I like birds that are soaring. There were lots of wonderful water birds in the south Florida when I was growing up -- egrets, herons, anhingas, etc. I always enjoy seeing them.

I have a fondness for puffins too.

Around here (near DC) people are heavily into pandas.

This is what comes to mind quickly.