Monday, April 19, 2010

Honey Bee scrimshaw pendant

Honey Bee (pendant)
11/16" by 15/16"
multicolor scrimshaw on mammoth ivory

This piece will be available at a bee art show!

Thank you to those of you who answered the "top 5 wild animals" question. I appreciate the input. I wrote them all down, and then went through the list and checked off any that inspired a little spark of creativity (and that could be used on the materials I already have, I don't want to order more ivory right now). Many did not spark anything. Nothing personal. :-) I wrote all those down on little slips of paper and put them in a bag and when I get a chance to work on stuff for Blade Show and/or Jackson Hole (that's another thing, I'm trying to make pieces that would go well at either show) then I'll pick one out of the bag.

So today I started a green sea turtle pendant! I really should get back to the work in progress pics. But the camera is in the other room and I'm so tired....

Hey, don't forget you only have ten days left to shop the big Spring Cleaning sale, you know, where stuff is marked down like 50%. After April 30th the prices go back to normal. Want something? Contact me! I know, anonymity would be nice for shopping, and I wish I could set up a good "shopping cart" system for you, but the shipping is SO variable and generally has no relation to the price of the piece, so unfortunately it's never worked well to do that. Sorry. But really, just call or email. I don't bite. Much. ;-)


Sharon said...

That bee.... veryyyyyy interesting and veryyyyy good!

Thinking about Jackson Hole, maybe an antelope?

You sure are busy!

Anonymous said...

BEE--utiful! -BMc

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Is it one-of-a-kind, or is it available by mail also?

Katherine Plumer said...

Anonymous, this piece has now been sold. You can always check me website to see the current work available.