Tuesday, April 06, 2010

the little stuff

I'm such a nerd. I really am. I get totally hung up on the most ridiculous little things. So there's this big trip coming up. Atlanta is kind of far from Wilton. And I am working on things like planning the trip, sort of the grand scheme of things, but my major concern today... what color tablecloth should I get for my display. Yeah, for real. And where will I put my luggage that morning if I can't check into the hotel until that afternoon. And what to wear omg I need to go shopping, ewww I hate shopping. But mostly the tablecloth. Oh yes, the show provides them, either blue or gray I think, draped with white vinyl. White vinyl? Really? That just seems so... early 1990s to me. Anyway little ivory thingies probably show up best on a dark background, so I should probably bring my own.

Black velvet tablecloth? That's classic. But my jewelry busts are black velvet. Is that too much black velvet? My risers/pedestals will be clear acrylic. Maybe black satin? Or maybe some other color entirely. But my table-sharer (tablemate?) wants black. How do I get some color into this thing? I might be pretty tempted by burgundy velvet otherwise. Hmmm. This calls for a trip to the fabric store.

This is all rhetorical, I just want you to know that there are some seriously ridiculous thoughts that go through my little pea brain.


dougzilla said...

As Patsy Stone once said, "You can never have enough hats, gloves or shoes", which I'm sure pertains to your tablecloth somehow.

Regarding your luggage - all hotels I've ever been to will allow you to leave your luggage, even if you can't check in yet.

For hotels, check kayak.com first - gives you the rundown on all of them, and then reserve with either Expedia or directly through the hotel. They have generally been good... Or, you can always do what I've done and just show up in Chickenwhistle and check into the local fleabag motel. If you're lucky, they will have Magic Fingers in the bed... ;-)

Sharon said...

I've never been to a show, much less been IN one, so I am clueless.

Is your "table mate" a friend? If so, do they want to share a double, it would save you some money. Maybe check to see what else is going on in the city, to see if room availability is going to be a problem and go from there.

I can imagine how excited you are, I would be trying to think about everything too!

Katherine Plumer said...

Dougiepoo, cool, thanks for the link. Can't wing it on the place I stay in Atlanta though, it's gonna fill up, and it's expensive! But, since I'll be carless once I get there, it's a good thing to be across the street and staying where everyone else is.

Jack n Jill, though financially that's tempting, my table mate is a dude and I don't want to be *quite* that friendly! ;-)

Sharon said...

Ahhhh, I see, no that would not be such a good idea then, to share the room. ;-)