Saturday, April 03, 2010

oh, right, blogging, yeah...

Whoops! Sometimes I just kinda forget to say anything for a while. Busy, boring, you name it. I've mostly been working on taxes the last few days, sitting on the floor surrounded by ever-changing stacks of paperwork. Progress...

I'm starting to make plans for the two ginormous road trips of the summer, and boy oh boy do I have a lot of work to do.

Angus the dog is doing well. Still working on his major separation anxiety, but I think he's improved some. He and I have also had some serious discussions about how chasing cats and chickens is simply not acceptable. I think he'll grasp the concept and hopefully he and I won't have to have that discussion too many more times. I tell ya, sometimes it's like someone flips the switch and mister calm lazy dog is off like a rocket. Who knows what lurks in his past. I have to say I'm kind of enjoying walking him. 2 miles a day, it feels good. I wave at everyone who drives past. Most of them wave, but a few give me weird looks. I mean, this is the country, nobody walks dogs in the country. (I'm serious.) But, the looks are less weird than when I take my horse for a walk!

I did finish my scrim pendant portrait of Olin (finally!). I'll try to post that tomorrow, and hopefully get back to regularly scheduled blogging pretty soon.


Jack & Jill said...

Taxes, oh, fun. Every year we say we will keep all the slips in various envelopes, to make it easier next year. Hasn't happened so far.

I think Angus is so gorgeous! Yes, who knows what lurks in a dog's mind? I really think they are as devious as a cat, just not as fickle.

Have a great day!

dougzilla said...

Well, when I was living in Manhattan, I saw one person walking a cat, and another walking a ferret... So walking a dog probably isn't so strange... :-)

Anonymous said...

I am with Dougzilla, at least you are not walking a dodo or something like an elephant! -BMc.

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