Sunday, March 14, 2010

updates on the dog front

I spent more time poking around the internet than I ought to admit after my last dog blog inquiry, and decided the following things:

1) We seem to be labrador people. I know there are lots of wonderful breeds out there, so that's not a jab at anyone else. Why not go with the tried and true though?
2) I want an adult dog, I'm not up for puppy-training.
3) I feel more comfortable bringing home a dog that has been screened, where someone knows something about it, thus I'd rather work with a rescue in this case versus going straight to the pound. With cats and birds and a baby in the mix, this feels much safer.

So... I found a local Lab rescue organization and totally went head over heels for a dog on their website. He has since been adopted (boo hoo, but it's okay) and there seems to be a steady stream of other potentially perfect dogs. Mom and I sent in an application and have been approved, so now it's just a matter of waiting. Called about a few dogs so far, hope to hear something soon...

There is no hurry, the right one will come along in due time, whether that's in a week or a few months it doesn't matter. :-)


Anonymous said...

Baby in the mix? Are you pregnant? Just kidding, I know it is your brother's new addition to the family. How is that kiddo doing by the way? -BMc

Katherine Plumer said...

She's pretty much the cutest baby in the universe! :-)

Anonymous said...

As you know I teach High School Chemistry. When the door to the laboratory was taken by thieves last year, we hired a dog to search it out and return it! Yep...he was a "Lab-Door" retriever!
It is a good sign when one looks for a pet. Dogs rule!!!

Katherine Plumer said...

Aaron... *GROAN* ;-)